Beautiful art gallery by local artists. From paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings, and more.

Historical Society

Our program presents important and rare historical artifacts from centuries ago during different time periods.


Different events and programs during the year to present the galleries and exhibitions. Also private parties are possible, such as birthday parties.



New Concrete

Museums are all about the visual representation, which is why galleries and exhibitions are hosted. These institutions are aesthetically pleasing. It is important the museums need to keep up with maintenance of the property inside and outside to maintain a certain appearance and culture.
Concrete repairs are important. Over time concrete can break down, resulting in cracks and visible breakage. It always gets worse and will eventually need to be repaired or even redone. Concrete is a known as a strong durable material. But over years, it can erode, even with regular maintenance. That’s why you need a full service concrete contractor that can repair concrete damages.
The problem is that before a crack becomes a serious issue, it looks harmless. If you have a crack on your concrete, it's best to seal it up so it doesn't get worse. There are a number of ways to do this. They work for small cracks as well as larger ones, too.
Without the proper repairs, the structural integrity of your home or business can be at risk. If you want to protect the value and longevity of your property, you should consider contacting a professional for help. Some issues may able to be taken care of on your own if you have some construction knowledge, however it is always strongly advised to contact a local concrete contractor, like concretegreenbayexperts.com.
It is encouraged to do research on the contracting company to make sure they're licensed and insured. As well, as to ensure that they have high customer satisfaction. You can check reviews on a company, whether it's online on Google, directory listings like Yelp, or social media profiles.
Regular routine maintenance is highly recommended. This helps the concrete to last longer than if you did not do regular preventative maintenance. It's a good idea to check the building's concrete to patio condition to the sidewalk surrounding the property.



Making sure the walls of the entire property look presentable is very important. Most art work and pieces are presented on the wall, so you don't want to have anything distracting and taking away from the centerpiece. Usually a plain neutral colored wall works best, or a color that compliments the scene. Sometimes this can even accentuate the art piece itself, bringing it out well. Repainting the walls to ensure there are no cracks showing is advisable. This will distract viewers from the art work. This also can lead to more cracks in the painting, resulting in more work to be done.


Enclosing a museum property is highly recommended. This is strongly advised because it keeps the property safe from possible theft or vandalism. The museum keeps rare artifacts that are worth a lot which may attract thieves. Having a fence can keep people off the property. It also is a beautiful aesthetic to have when it compliments the entire museum.
Keeping up with fence maintenance is crucial because over time there is wear and tear. Leaving it in that condition allows for more break down. It is best to begin repair at the first sight of any wear and tear to avoid having to replace it.
It’s not uncommon to see fence maintenance as a secondary priority, but it can actually save you money and time. With regular fence maintenance, you can avoid costly replacements and unnecessary repairs. A well kept fence provides privacy and security, and can increase the value of your property as this website describes.
Fence repair is a part of fence maintenance, which is a spring and summertime task that needs to be completed in order to avoid having to replace a fence prematurely. The cost of a fence repair will vary depending on the type of fence, the materials used for the project and the company hired to complete the work. Along with doing all that you can to keep your fence looking great on the inside, on the outside you should be checking for any signs of wear on the fence’s rails, posts, gates, pickets and caps on a monthly basis.
Maintaining fences is vital to staying on track with maintenance tasks. It is critical to keep up with this maintenance because over time there are signs of wear and tear. If ignored, this can lead to having to replace your fence altogether. If you are noticing any wear and tear on your fence, the best course of action is to start repairs immediately to avoid having to replace it later.
Fences can be damaged in a number of ways by weather, pests, humans, etc. Things like termites, high winds, pests, and humans can all be causes of wear and tear. No matter what caused the damage to your fence, repairing it quickly is the best way to save money in the long-term. While you may have to spend some money on temporary repairs in the short-term, you'll avoid having to pay for the full replacement in the long-term.

The areas of the fence that you see most often will take the most damage; this is an indication that it needs to be addressed first. Look for weakened and rotted wood, holes and loose nails.
These areas include gates, corners, and pickets. Other damages such as termites and blown over gates should be fixed immediately.
Older fences must be kept in good condition; they can be more expensive to repair.
If your fence is over 10 years old, it may be time to replace it.
Wood Fence:
Regular maintenance on a wood fence helps it last longer.
Inspect fences at least once a year to prevent termite infestation from destroying it from the inside out.

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