Peteetneet Museum
Cultural Arts Center


The mission of People Preserving Peteetneet (PPP); a non-profit, tax exempt, museum and cultural arts center; is to preserve our history, serve the public and promote community involvement through heritage education, preservation of historic artifacts as well as the preservation of the Historic Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center's rich historical and cultural legacies by adding to the understanding of Payson, its heritage, people, places and events.

*Deduction Benefits: The PPP (People Preserving Peteetneet) is a registered 501c3 organization.
Please consult your tax attorney for specifics regarding tax deductions to the Museum.

There are several ways to give to the Museum, all of which are greatly appreciated. As a public museum, the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center is always looking for means to sustain and increase its services to the community. Whether one seeks to give time as a volunteer, support the Museum financially, or donate or loan artifacts for our displays. The Museum would love your support. As a service institution, that fully believes that both giver and receiver benefit from charitable exchanges. To find out details of how you can give to the Museum, and how your gifts can benefit you, please contact L Dee Stevenson--President at or call Sandy (801)465-5265 at the museum for more information.

The vision and generosity of our supporters help us to fulfill our mission of refining minds and building character through the fine arts.
-There are many ways to Give-

Membership: People Preserving Peteetneet has a long and stable tradition of community support. We are enthusiastic about our future, and invite you to join the PPP family. Please call or visit the museum to learn how to join or renew or call the museum to learn more.

Corporate Sponsorship: Give back, and receive the satisfaction of knowing that your support strengthens and enriches the community you serve. Your company also benefits from a wide variety of recognition and promotional opportunities, PPP Membership, and potential tax benefits. Through General Sponsorship, you provide the PPP with greatly needed unrestricted funds, which are utilized for daily operations impacting almost every Museum area. Other options are to tailor your contribution toward specific exhibitions, programs or events of special interest, or provide in-kind materials or services to aid the PPP. Please contact the museum at (801)465-5265 for further information on sponsorship opportunities.

Individual & Foundation Gifts: Leave your legacy by supporting beauty, quality and learning at the Peteetneet Museum and Cultural Arts Center. Donations entitle the giver to PPP Membership and potential tax benefits and recognition opportunities. As with corporate sponsorships, contributions may be unrestricted, or directed toward particular Museum exhibitions, projects, programs or events. Donations may also be in-kind. Invest in preserving the culture and history represented within our impressive collection of artifacts and art. There are many ways to show your support of the PPP, please contact the museum staff (801) 465-5265 for further information on giving opportunities
Our vision, which is strong and dynamic, is successful in preserving the legacy of the past while meeting constantly evolving needs of present and future generations of our community. Our facility plays a vital role in Paysonís cultural life and serves the community by making the most effective use of resources available