Peteetneet Museum
Cultural Arts Center


The Peteetneet Arts Council is an arts organization whose objective is to inspire vision, provide leadership, encourge education, and support cultural excellence which enriches the quality of life for the people of Payson, Utah; its visitors from Utah; the United States; and from around the world.
The Arts Council schedules monthly art exhibits for local as well as artists from around the state to display their paintings and artifacts. They contiue to invite the Utah Humanities, Utah Arts Council, and the Museum Services to display their collections at the Art Gallery.
The Arts Council sponsors fund raising programs such as a yearly quilt show, and many others are now being considered. The fund raisers help finance needed repairs and to facilitate necessary purchases to enhance the beauty of the building, its grounds and to make it more accessible to the handicapped. We recently helped to raise funds to finance the installation of an elevator that makes all levels of the Peteetneet Museum available to the handicapped.

During the Christmas season, the Arts Council sponsors the Annual Train Show and Santa's visit. Doug Lamb, a local model train buff, assisted by his wife, Irene, and Peteetneet Arts Council members present this Christmas gift to the public each December.